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The US Open Tennis 2019 is an information hub for all things related to tennis. Readers can find the latest articles concerning professional tennis, staying fit and active, as well as raising children while pursuing a career as a professional athlete.

There are many proven benefits of postnatal exercise. Parents who are also professional athletes can get a customized sleep schedule that caters to their family’s unique needs, and it can also help them to pursue a busy training regime. Every family should find time for exercise and quality sleep.

Managing both motherhood and a career in tennis can be extremely challenging but not impossible. Pro tennis players can find many ways to cope with the balance between parenting and sticking to their exercise routine. Discover how tennis players like Serena Williams handle motherhood.

Professional tennis has many physical demands on a player. Individuals who want to pursue a career in tennis need to focus on skills that require physical strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, balance, and maintaining a body composition that supports players during long hours of play.

Investing time and money in children who would like to pursue a sport as their career in the future has no guarantees, yet individuals with more experience in a particular sport have always been known to have the edge over a lesser experienced player. Some individuals who only started playing a sport professionally much later in life have also found success.

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This site presents sports fans and experts of the game with books and other resources to learn more about the game of tennis.